My Flowering Heart

I'm getting ready to launch a new mini-collection unlike any I have created before. Like most of my creative endeavors, this one came out of nowhere. I simply felt the pull of the new moon and was compelled to create. I've created not just a new collection, but a new way of moving through my entire life. For years I've been on a path of moving from fear based the love and heart based thinking and living. This collection is not just a symbol of this path, but an actual embodiment of it. It holds the love and energy of my flowering heart and the words I share here were written as the full moon peaked on May 29th, 2018.

This New Moon in Taurus to Full Flower Moon Collection is all about moving from a fear based way of thinking and living to a love based way. I have been drawn for over a decade to the guidance and the firm, but loving hand of A Course in Miracles. One of the main messages of the Course can be summed up by an excerpt from the main text, which says "Your task is not to seek for Love but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

My purpose and intention with this collection is to bring attention to this mindset and the deeply ingrained foundation of fear, not just in my life, but in all of humanity in order to bring it to the light to be transformed in whatever way is meant to serve my highest good and the collective highest good. This collection, as well as my process of bringing it to life, is representative of my conscious decision and moment by moment choice to move from fear to love. My intention is that it touches those who are meant to experience its loving energy and message, whether that's through actually purchasing a piece from the collection or simply reading these words and/or making the conscious choice to look within to find your own blocks to love and its full expression in your day to day life.

The Flower Moon Collection features smoky quartz, rose quartz, druzy ranging from dark black to blush pink, angel aura, rainbow moonstone, feathers and copper. Each mineral was chosen during the time of the New Moon in Taurus earlier this month when I felt strongly guided toward the energy I felt from them. I spent sacred time with them, cleansed them with palo santo and performed a very personal and intuitive ceremony under the new moon. My intention during this time has been to release old patterns of fear and limitation and move boldly forward living fully from my heart and allowing the love and deep gratitude that is always present to radiate from me.

Each piece in the collection was infused with the collective energy that surrounded their conception and creation. Since each piece was conceived of and created together, the various pieces share each others energies, even if they don't share the same materials. They are the embodiment of my going deep into and letting go of my own personal and ancestral patterns of fear and representative of this collective movement in humanity as well.

Smoky quartz is incredibly grounding and transmutes the negative to positive. It is all about new beginnings and manifestation and combining it with rose quartz is meant to ground us in love and the heart. It is associated with the root chakra, which is all about survival, and is intended to help us move from focusing on surviving based in fear to thriving based in love.

The gentle and soothing energy of rose quartz helps with this. It has a feminine, maternal energy that guides us on our path to healing emotional wounds and reconnecting to our heart center; think Mother Earth holding you in love and gently teaching you that it is safe to live from your heart.

Angel aura can help us see the beauty that always surrounds us and the beauty between us inter personally. It is helpful for bringing hope, joy and optimism to our creativity, replacing fear and worry with loving vibrations.

Rainbow moonstone represents and embodies the divine feminine and maternal universal energy and is strongly associated with the full moon. She feels like a guiding figure that is with you at all times providing strong love and support in any endeavor where you're moving into new and unknown territory. On this path of moving from fear to love, she holds us in her divine and nurturing energy.

The various shades of druzy represent and hold the energy of the moon moving from the dark, new phase to the bright, full moon. Druzy supports us in going deep within the dark parts of ourselves where we will always find the inner light of love, no matter how dark the way seems.

The feathers represent the guidance that is all around us. It may be from loved ones and ancestors who have moved on from this life or it may be the universal loving guidance that is in everything. You may feel strongly one way or another or you may not. The point is that they represent that it is safe to trust that loving guidance and support is all around ready to help you move to new heights in your life.

Finally, copper is a very good conductor and believed to enhance the properties of any materials it is paired with. Please know that the information that I give here is not to be considered medical or professional psychological advice or counseling. I strongly believe in taking 100% responsibility for our experiences and lives and using any information, such as what I'm providing, to inspire us to look within and access the strength and power that we already have, but may have covered up or forgotten. Please take what you feel is for you and leave the rest. My work and words are open to be experienced and interpreted in whatever way feels right for those who come across it.

Thank you so much for taking this journey with me from the new moon to the full  moon, for having the desire to find a better way, the courage to look within and the strength to go where you are guided to go and look where you are guided to look. I am so grateful to be able to create these pieces as a visual testament to and representation of my ongoing commitment to looking directly at the blocks of fear that I have built in my life and making the choice to remember love instead.

Thank you and with deep love and gratitude I release this collection for the highest good of all! Enjoy!


From my heart to yours,



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