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Christmas Day New Moon Solar Eclipse Collection


A very powerful new moon solar eclipse just occurred on Christmas Day.

It's a special kind of eclipse called an annular eclipse. This happens when the moon is further away from the earth. Because of it's position it appears smaller, so as it passes in front of the sun it doesn't cover it completely and a ring of light can be seen peeking from behind the moon.

As I read about this unique celestial event, I was hit with inspiration for my latest collection. The last of my dark druzy pieces that I've had for almost a year begged to be worked with. I instantly pictured them with tiny clear quartz points jutting out from their edges, a nod to the light of the sun peeking out from behind the new moon.

As I worked on the collection I found myself drawn to even more of the material in my studio that had been waiting quietly for some time. Rainbow moonstone, a huge candle quartz and an agate slice all begged to be molded into powerful talisman's to mark this rare event.

More importantly, I can say that it actually felt like they were wanting to mark the opening of my heart after a long period of quiet and darkness, both inner and outer. They called to celebrate and honor this darkness, not just forget it as the new light of my opening heart became the focus. 

Darkness is necessary and beautiful. It is messy and unpredictable. It is so hard to sit in, especially when most of the outer messages we hear tell us to quickly shift out of the dark and into the light. But, the darkness is not to be feared, shunned or whisked away prematurely. It needs to be allowed the time and space to do its sacred work, both in our collective world and in our individual hearts. 

This collection quietly celebrates and honors the sacred darkness and the moment when it relinquishes it's hold and gives way to the light that has been given the time to find a strong foothold in our hearts.

I hope you feel my heart...both it's sacred darkness and it's growing light in this collection. I offer it to myself, to all of you and to the great mystery and movement of life that we all share.