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May Showers Collection

This collection of designs was conceived in early April around the Pink Moon and begun in early May around the Flower Moon. It features rose quartz, pink amethyst, angel aura, selenite, porcelain jasper, rainbow moonstone and rhodochrosite.

Why the name 'May Showers'? Well, we all hold this idea, a hope actually, that hard times can be compartmentalized. That April showers really will pass and that the blooms of May mean that the showers won't return. That's not the case, though. Life happens. Plans change. Things get unbelieveably hard sometimes. But, there's beauty to be found and life to be celebrated  even when the showers come in May.

This small collection has taken a lot of time and seen me through a lot... It packs quite an energetic punch. So much has happened from its start to its finish and like all my work these designs have picked up pieces of me and will carry them inside. Everything that I am doing lately is at a slower pace. I can't seem to find any other gear to work or to live in lately. When I try to push it things have been falling apart, both literally and figuratively. So, I'm going with it and releasing my first very slowed down collection.

Enjoy and thank you for being here!

May Showers will be live on 5/19 at 5pm CDT.