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Icarus Soaring

Collection available Tuesday, June 26th, 8 pm CDT

What if Daedalus hadn’t told Icarus to be careful to not fly too close to the sun? What if he hadn’t planted a seed of fear in his son’s mind? Maybe his wings wouldn’t have melted and he’d have kept soaring as high as he dreamed to fly for as long as he liked.

How many of us hold back in our lives because of fears that others have passed on to us. Fears that were intended to keep us safe, but are ultimately unfounded and unnecessary and only act to clip our wings. 

My “Icarus Soaring” collection was conceived of and crafted during the weeks and days leading up to the Summer Solstice. It celebrates the solstice by encouraging you to question your beliefs and the answers you think you already have. This collection asks you to find your personal truth so that you can live your life on your terms and not be ruled by collective fears and ancestral patterns that are ready to be released.

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