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March Full Moon in Virgo Collection

This collection will be live on March 15th. I had originally planned on 5pm CDT as the time to list them, but my work is taking much longer than normal. I now plan to have them online by sometime tonight even if it's late 😆 and will keep everyone updated through Instagram.
Thank you to everyone for your kindness and connection lately. It has been very appreciated and needed by me and by all of us.
The colors that I wanted for this collection came to me late in February as March approached. The warm browns of smoky quartz and light aquamarine blues are such a soothing combo that exude the energy and feel in the air as the days change from late winter to early spring.
The minerals themselves were selected on March 9th, the day of the Full Moon in Virgo. This full moon was a very strong and powerful super moon and I felt drawn to using smoky quartz, aquamarine, rainbow moonstone and stalactite slices with soft blue centers.
Smoky Quartz is a very grounding and protective stone that not only removes negativity and negative energy, it transforms it into positive energy.
Aquamarine is a very soothing and calming stone that inspires truth, trusting and letting go. It has been used for years by sailors as a talisman of good luck, bravery and protection and ancient folklore tells of it being the treasure of mermaids.
Aquamarine is believed to be a very powerful stone for exploring the darkest depths of our souls allowing us to come face to face with ourselves. As the surface of the sea reflects the sky above, the stone itself is believed to carry the same mirror-like properties when looking at the self. It is a third/throat chakra stone and is very helpful to teachers and presenters of all kinds and allows all people to speak clearly and calmly in difficult situations.
Rainbow moonstone is the most powerful of the moonstones. It aligns and activates all the chakras, but is most strongly associated with the crown chakra. It is said to embody the feminine and goddess energies of the waxing and full moons bringing the wearer vitality, life force and joy. It is also emotionally balancing, bringing strength, optimism and self-appreciation.