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The Sacred 'No'

Finding your sacred 'no' is ultimately about allowing space for and finding what you truly say 'yes' to.

Many of us have never been encouraged or taught how to say 'no', especially when it bumps up against conventional wisdom and ways of life.

For me, finding my 'no' is about so much more than actual words. It's about living in a space where questions are allowed to be asked and encouraged to linger even, and better yet, especially, when there are no answers to be found.

This collection features clear quartz and amazonite. Clear quartz is believed to amplify the energy of any minerals it is paired with. Amazonite is a mineral that can help to open the heart and throat chakras and encourage one to find their truth and speak it from the heart, something that is crucial if we are to find our sacred 'no'.

As always, this collection is an expression of things that I am bumping up against and working through as I journey along this path of uncovering who I truly am. 

This collection will be live Tuesday, July 14th, at 3 pm CDT.