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January Lunar Cycle

This month I will be releasing designs focusing on the energy of this particular lunar cycle, beginning with the New Moon in Capricorn.

The first drop is scheduled for January 13th at 10 am Central Time and marks this powerful New Moon, which is peaking on January 12/13 depending on where you are located in the world. 

These first designs are are inspired by Lilith, who, through myth, we know to be Adam's first wife in the Garden of Eden. The were both created from dust and as equals. When Adam began to expect Lilith to submit to him, she refused, choosing to leave the safety and comfort of the Garden rather than give up her voice and her sovereignty. She left and was forever more considered an outcast. Lies and misperceptions about her spread. She was misunderstood at best and demonized at worst, but the choice to be autonomous rather than submit to being beneath someone else was more important than outside opinions of her. Moving forward people across the gender spectrum, especially those identifying as female, have been plagued by the fear that if we dare to go outside the bounds of what is expected and acceptable then we too may be ostracized.

These designs are meant to honor all who have felt the call from beyond the edges. Those who long to cross boundaries and borders and do as they feel and not as they are told. I've always felt a pull toward Lilith. Her strength and integrity call to me even in my darkest times and I'm thrilled to share my thoughts about her and the creations that are coming from me as I journey with Lilith this month.

Enjoy these first pieces and watch for more to come. As the month unfolds I will be creating and listing more designs.