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Satya Collection

The Satya Collection features amazonite, clear quartz, smoky quartz, selenite and feathers all paired with copper to enhance their inherent energetic properties. 

This very special collection was intuitively and exclusively for Become Your Truth, a three day women’s retreat hosted by The Unicorn Way, held in July on the Santa Ana Pueblo in New Mexico. Each piece was made as either  a one of a kind design or in very limited quantities and debuted exclusively at the event. I’m excited to now make it available online.


Become Your Truth is a signature event hosted by Miss Jordan and The Unicorn Way. It is a three-day event created for the simple purpose of connection, understanding and embracing your inner truth. This women-only weekend is designed specifically and intentionally with love and careful strategy to open your mind to what could be! Miss Jordan, believes that any and all things are possible. She believes that there is more to this life than the monotonous day-in, day-out, and repeat, and she is passionate about sharing this with others. At this event, I watched as she deeply honored each woman for the person she is that nobody sees. She believes that we each have the Divine Right to be happy and the Divine Order to find that happiness being OURSELVES. Miss Jordan walks her talk and lives her life this way and I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to further my own personal and spiritual growth by creating this collection for and participating in Become Your Truth.


I am honored to introduce to you, through the Satya Collection, my dear friend and soul sister, Miss Jordan. I could write something about her here but it wouldn't do her justice, so please sit back and enjoy reading, in her own words, all about her and her journey.

Facebook: Miss Jordan

Instagram: @theunicornway + @becomeyourtruth