Rustic elegance. When ancient and modern art forms unite.

"What comes from the heart reaches the heart. I’ve seen it happen time and time again and am ALWAYS honored to be able to experience my heart connecting with another’s through the jewelry I design and create." - Amy Boyer, Artist & Owner of Amy Kae Atelier


You know beauty when you see it. Sometimes you can’t quite put your finger on it, but there’s something there. Something different.

You shop with intention. You’re careful about what you bring into your home. Every item you buy has a purpose. And most importantly, it feels good. You love supporting makers and creators.

You want to stand out—but in a subtle way, with grace and poise. You appreciate handmade goods and could talk for hours when you meet the creator behind the art.

You want to buy things that matter.

Hi, I’m Amy.

I’m the artist and owner of Amy Kae Atelier, and I’m behind every handcrafted item you see here.



Is French for "workshop," and signifies an artist's workspace—where an artist makes her art. When I heard the word, “atelier” in design school, I was immediately drawn to how it transformed a messy, cluttered workspace into something elegant. It’s also a nod to French heritage on my father’s side.


I happened upon jewelry design the way one may encounter their soul mate.

Suddenly and by accident.

As a young girl, I’d spend hours in the woods near my home. I'd explore the same creek over and over in my red wellies searching for anything to satisfy my curiosity. I'd fill my pockets full of “imperfect” rocks that weren't flat enough to skip on the water and would usually find their way home with me.

As I grew up, I traded my red rubber boots for a "grown-up" life, but that love of exploring and finding hidden treasures stayed with me. I've always noticed cool stones during my walks or sought out rock shops and metaphysical stores in my neighborhood or on my travels.

You might be surprised to know that I’m not a jewelry person. Trained in fine art, I have a background in interior design and have a natural eye for design and detail.

I happened upon some stuff made with electroforming and fell in love. I immediately jumped into researching the technique, and my affection for the art deepened when I saw the way the copper brought out the amazing texture and beauty of minerals, especially the ones with chips and breaks that some would normally call damaged.

I felt connected to the happy little accidents that unfold during the making of each piece of jewelry. No two are ever the same, and that’s the beauty of it.

I was attracted to how it made me feel.

As I feel deeper in love with the electroforming process, I found the courage to put those metaphorical red wellies of my childhood back on and jumped in with both feet. I followed the sincere and inexplicable connection to the different energies of stones, and slowly, started making jewelry, selling a little online, then taking my pieces to markets. 

Today, I get to blend my passion for design with my connection to nature. Combining this newer art form with ancient metalsmithing techniques became my obsession, and I haven't looked back.

When I see good design, whether it be in architecture, a beautiful garden or jewelry, I see it with more than my eyes. In fact, the way something looks is only a small part of the story. When a creative idea is brought from conception to completion in a thought out and purposeful way, I sense it in my body.

It hits my heart and spreads throughout my body leaving me with an indescribable feeling of peace, stillness, and connectedness. I believe that in turning inward and consciously connecting to the energy of our hearts, we enter a space where we can truly connect with others.

Do you feel it?

What you feel when you pick up a piece of my handmade jewelry is honesty. I show up fully and authentically. This connectedness is what I hope you experience when you notice the energy and elegance of my work.

As an artist, the line between my professional and my personal life is blurry. In fact, my best work often comes when the line has all but disappeared. My life has an ebb and flow. Different feelings and energies pass through me from one day to the next. One day I may be extremely focused and centered in my analytical mind and the next completely inspired and in a blind, creative whirlwind.

What always remains the same, though, is my connection to my heart. I connect wholeheartedly to every piece of jewelry I make, whether it’s a simple piece from a bestselling collection that I’ve made several times or a custom and unique statement piece.

I remember each and every piece I’ve ever made.

When I pick up a labradorite necklace, an electroformed feather, or a rustic raw ruby, I can recall exactly what I was thinking when I crafted it.

I’m obsessed with quality. Many people are intrigued to learn that I “test drive” every piece of jewelry. I try it on, make sure it’s comfortable, and make sure it sits just right before I give it to you—a slice of myself.

When I’m not making new connections with customers at creative markets or holding up a rainbow moonstone to admire the shimmer of different colors, find me at home with my three teenagers, cheering at one of their soccer games, raising awareness for autism, or just cuddling with my cat.

Each creation speaks to someone.

Take a peek into my atelier, and tell me, which one is speaking to you?


What to do next:

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