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Darkness Calling Collection

Imagine our earth revolting against death and darkness. Imagine if she fought the natural cycles that bring much needed darkness and rest.

It seems ridiculous that the earth would ever react to the waning sunlight, moon, or tide with fear and resistance. Our earth is such a beautiful example of the power of allowing things to be as they are.

What if we made a personal choice to reframe darkness from something to be feared, avoided, resisted and changed to something to be expected, trusted, embraced and celebrated, no matter how it showed up.

In my experience, there comes a time for each of us when we will accept that we have bought into and contributed to a collective belief in fear. We each made a choice very early on to fear the fear the dark. It's okay. There was nothing wrong with that choice. We were small and scared and needed to find a sense of safety and comfort, but we aren't helpless anymore, and many of us are working tirelessly to grow spiritually and personally. When we reach a point on this path of development where we realize that the only way forward is to walk into the darkness, we have the opportunity to choose again and to consciously move into what we fear most in order to see if the story we created about the dark holds up.

I suspect that what each of us will find is that nature, as is often the case, has held the answer all along...

This collection centers around and celebrates the necessity and beauty of darkness in all aspects of life.