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Moksha Feather Update

Moksha is a Sanskrit word that means freedom, especially freedom/liberation/release from patterns that keep us doing the same thing over and over and often to our detriment.

Of all the materials I work with, which one better represents freedom than feathers!!! 

Freedom is always on my mind this time of year, and I chose the date of this shop update because it is very special to me.

On August 28th I celebrate nine years of sobriety, and, what better way to commemorate stepping into my 10th year of sobriety than with a collection full of feathers.

I’m sure most of you don’t even realize that I'm in recovery, though, if you pay close attention to what I write about in my Instagram feed you may have already pieced it together. You may even be wondering why I would share something so personal in my “business” life. It feels kind of risky to a lot of people, and, maybe it is, but, I want to live from a place of freedom not of fear!

I share myself because it helps me work through a lot of things that I otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to address and it lets me draw real and raw inspiration from my personal journey through this life.

So, there you go! You get to see all parts of me at times, and why not?!?! My recovery is what makes it possible for me to be the mother, artist and person that I am. Not simply because I stopped drinking, but because recovery (and the hard work that comes with it) has taught me a way of life that allows me to show up as my best self each and every day no matter what life has in store for me.

THANK YOU for being a part of my journey! I truly appreciate each and every person that I connect with through my art!