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Queen of Storms Collection

Just because it’s ᏕᏖᎧᏒᎷᎩ doesn’t mean it’s bad. We equate the darkness with negative and the light with positive. What if we’re actually not in a position to judge?

What if, as well intentioned as we are, have no clue at all what’s going on and spend a whole lot of time and energy worrying about things that are all good and celebrating other things that get us nowhere? How about we let ourselves forget about what we think it all means and just dance in the rain? 🌈💕✨

These new pieces are a just few of the designs that I’ve been slowly working on over the past two months.

April and May have been very dark for me, but it has been the best kind of darkness possible. No, it hasn’t felt like that most of the time, but with some perspective how I can see it.

Over the past few months, I’ve sat with the darkness in a different way than ever before. I’ve allowed it without grasping at any hope that it would ever change. I’ve felt the deepest terror that comes with realizing that all my trying and striving and fixing just delays the inevitable. And the inevitable is ALL GOOD!!! 

Letting it all just be as it is has been a beautiful of mix of darkness and light. The kind that makes room for the most vibrant rainbows. How could I even consider changing a thing, when what seems like the darkest of nights has actually been my greatest gift. 🌈💕✨


This collection of 22 pieces celebrates the beauty and goodness in ALL aspects of our experience!