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The Chakra Bar

This section contains in stock, ready to ship pieces. If what you are looking for is out of stock, you may be able to order it from the Made to Order Jewelry section. Items that are in stock will ship within a few business days, while made to order items take about 3-4 weeks to be ready to ship.

These chakra designs have been inspired by my own spiritual journey and the exploration of the deepest parts of myself. Most of the pieces you'll find here are made with rough and raw minerals. These represent the raw nature of going within and how ragged and shattered we feel at times. No matter how rough the process is, though, there is ALWAYS beauty to be found. What better way to celebrate this than with colorful designs made from the raw minerals given to us by our most fundamental mother, the earth herself.

I hope you enjoy browsing these designs and reading about the various minerals I've been working with!