Recommended Books & Resources

I am an avid reader. I always have been. As a child and teenager I read mostly fiction, but as I got older and really started digging into life's big questions I began reading more and more self-help and inspirational/spiritual growth books. What I have found through these books have been a critical part of my personal development. My personal experience has been consistent with the age old saying of "when the student is ready the teacher appears." When I've needed guidance or a nudge toward the next step I have received it. I've seen this with others, too, and I feel that we all find the guidance we need when we need it and in the form that will reach us.  

For as long as I can remember I've dreamt of having a large library wrapped in walls of book-filled shelves with comfy seats and a big fireplace to cozy up next to. I've imagined welcoming people in to my cozy library who are looking for more and letting them pick from the shelves, whatever jumped out at them.

Seeing as how we are all so connected virtually, I realized that I don't have to wait to have a physical library in order for my dream to come true. I can provide that now. As a means to that end, I've decided to curate a list of books and create a virtual library. I'll be filling it with books that I have personally read and found helpful on my journey along with brief discussions of what I find special about them. These are books that I have either hard copies of on my own shelves or that are in my Kindle library.

My hope is that by sharing in this way people will feel supported and encouraged on their journey to find their own way

**In full disclosure, I want to be clear that I will get a small commission from Amazon should you decide to purchase any of these books through the links I provide. Please know that I will NEVER recommend anything that I do not have personal experience with.**