Week 1: Root Chakra

"In this moment I have all that I need."
"I feel the support of the Earth beneath me."
"I deserve to feel safe & loved."
"I am at home in my body."
"I am safe to be myself."
"I have everything I need inside of me."
"I am rooted in this present moment."


  • Foundation of the entire chakra system associated with primal instincts for safety and nourishment, both physical and emotional.
  • Acts as link between our internal energetic system and the outer world.
  • Location: Base of the spine
  • Color: Red
  • Themes: Connection to your environment, the Earth & yourself.
  • Developmental Stage: Birth to two years when we develop trust or mistrust of our caregivers, the world around us and life itself.
  • When Balanced: Feels grounded, secure & at peace with the moment.


Suggestions for checking in with this energy system

  • Focus your attention on the area at the base of your spine and notice what you feel.
  • Do you feel a subtle stillness and solid grounding in this area or do you feel more of a chaotic, restless energy with no place to settle?
  • Do any words, images, scents, sounds or memories come to mind as you focus in? If so, it may be helpful to make a note of them.
  • Take a few moments to breathe stillness and quiet into this area.
  • Repeat, either out loud or internally, one or more of the mantras above if they feel right.


Free Gift of the Week

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