Chakra Inspired Healing

The greatest joy I feel with with my work comes from connection. That moment when something that has come from my heart meets the heart of another person and becomes part of the story of their journey back to themselves and their innate wisdom is pretty awesome!

We each have such unique stories that I could never presume to know what anyone else may need at any point in time. All I can do is make my self available to be truly helpful to others, share my experiences from my heart and trust that moving through this life in a way that feels right and loving to me in each moment will touch others whether they (or I) realize it or not.

Over the past year, I've found myself creating chakra designs for no other reason than that it feels right inside my body. On my path, I have gone through many phases of releasing all kinds of thoughts, beliefs and patterns, from the obviously limiting and negative ones, to ones that I had considered normal and useful. It has been a very messy, yet beautiful process.

Creating chakra inspired designs with raw minerals reflects this balance and play of beauty and pain that is always experienced by those on paths that require growth to move forward. While, I am fascinated with the chakra system and pretty much anything considered spiritual or metaphysical, I don’t recommend or advocate any specific healing modalities or spiritual paths.

My personal journey has led me to some pretty profound places. I’ve had amazing insights and experiences of oneness, spaciousness and connection. But at the end of the day, these are all experiences and what I feel pulled toward…what we all are pulled toward in one way or the quiet center of peace and unconditional love that we are. Not that we possess, but that we actually ARE.

This looks different to everyone since we all have such varied stories, and I believe that we each have our own innate strength, wisdom and capacity to find balance. Learning to tap into these inner reserves may or may not produce healing results and my own experience has shown me that any long term healing is always secondary to this reconnection with the self.

I don’t talk or write a lot about the various chakras and all their properties and which stones are right for what. I prefer to allow people to research this information on their own if they're interested and find what works for them. It's all about learning to trust your own wisdom and journey.

How do I use minerals and my jewelry in my daily life? Different stones call to me on different days and I often have no idea why. It may be their color or the energy I feel from them or even the way they caught my eye when I least expected it. I’m not sure why I am drawn to what I’m drawn to each day. I just know that somedays I feel drawn to specific pieces of jewelry or crystals and so I wear them, meditate with them or simply work on my computer with them close by.

I feel this message in different parts of my body and in different ways. Sometimes it’s a feeling of lightness and an open expansion in my chest. Sometimes it’s a calming and cooling in the back of my throat. I even regularly feel a sensation in my palms as if air is moving through them and emanating from them at the same time. I feel it in different places, but have come to recognize a certain quality to the feel of the energy and know that this means it’s time to listen. I try not to over analyze or make it a head thing. My head often wants to get in on the game and control this magical realm of intuition, but it is uncontrollable and its voice becomes muffled when I get too up in my head.

I invite you to welcome your own natural intuition to show itself to you more and more every day. My sincere hope with my jewelry is that it reminds you of who you truly are and encourages you to connect with your inner teacher and the strength and abilities that you already possess. Any healing or growth ultimately comes from inside and I feel honored when my work meets someone at exactly the right time on their path and encourages them to keep going.

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