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Chakra Jewelry - Made to Order

Over the past few yeasr, I've found myself creating chakra designs for no other reason than that it feels right inside my body. On my path, I have gone through many phases of releasing all kinds of thoughts, beliefs and patterns, from the obviously limiting and negative ones, to ones that I had considered normal and useful. It has been a very messy, yet beautiful process.

Creating chakra inspired designs with raw minerals reflects this balance and play of beauty and pain that is always experienced by those on paths that require growth to move forward. While, I am fascinated with the chakra system and pretty much anything considered spiritual or metaphysical, I don’t recommend or advocate any specific healing modalities or spiritual paths.

Please read about the inspiration and creative process behind these chakra inspired designs in my latest blog post! I think you'll enjoy getting to know a little bit more about me and the way I integrate my life into my designs!