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Candle Quartz & Rainbow Moonstone Statement Necklace - Ready to Ship

Candle Quartz & Rainbow Moonstone Statement Necklace - Ready to Ship

$ 175.00

This stunning statement necklace features a gorgeous candle quartz from Madagascar and flashy rainbow moonstone cabochon. It has been electroformed in pure copper and hand aged to a warm finish. It is a very large necklace measuring about 4.5” high by 1.75” wide and 1.5” deep at the thickest point.

This necklace comes on a 16" aged copper chain with a 2" extender for added versatility. It is meant to sit near the heart, but the length can be changed if you'd like. Please request any length change at checkout or reply to your order confirmation email ASAP with your request.

This necklace was inspired by the following words that came to me as I worked on the collection:

 Deep inside of each of us, often buried beneath protective layers, is a place that shines forever bright. A place that has been hidden away to remain safe and clear and pure. This protection was necessary and brilliant and you survived. But you’re not helpless anymore. You have grown, both physically and spiritually. It’s time to shed the layers. It’s time to go deep within the cave of your heart to sit with the essence of your being. It’s time to gather the strength to step through the portal into a life you’ve never known. 

This statement piece is a symbol of what you find on the other side of the darkness when you have the strength and courage to walk through the portal.

Candle quartz is believed to bring light to the planet and healing energy to lightworkers. It helps to heal the hurt inner child and resolve long standing ancestral wounds and karmic patterns. It eases and releases feelings of depression and oppression and brings peaceful confidence to the wearer.

Rainbow moonstone is the most powerful of the moonstones. It aligns and activates all the chakras, but is most strongly associated with the crown chakra. It is said to embody the feminine and goddess energies of the waxing and full moons bringing the wearer vitality, life force and joy. It is also emotionally balancing, bringing strength, optimism and self-appreciation.

This is an in-stock and ready to ship item. This is the only one available and you will receive the exact item shown in the pictures. Orders will be processed and ready to be shipped in one to two business days. Shipping times vary depending on service you select.

A little bit about me and my shop...

I'm Amy, the artist, and maker behind Amy Kae Atelier. I’m a one-woman show and proudly handle every aspect of my business. When you buy from my store, you’re directly supporting an artist and her family. My customers make it possible for me to be a work from home, single mom, and for that, I’m grateful beyond words.

What comes from the heart reaches the heart—I have no doubt you’ll feel it in my work. I source and craft each and every item myself. I’m obsessed with high-quality minerals and materials that I feel a profound connection with. I love the direct bond with my customers and am honored to share a little piece of myself with you. 

Whether I'm crafting a custom made-to-order piece or completing a large wholesale order for a stockist, I’m handling all of the listings, marketing, communication, order processing, packaging, and shipping—I could go on, but I do it all carefully and with love.

Thank you for shopping mindfully with Amy Kae Atelier. Please get in touch by email at with your questions, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can, usually within a day.

I’m glad you’re here.

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