Holiday 2022

This year I'm going about things a bit differently for the Holiday season.

(Feel free to skip ahead to the juicy part if you're in a hurry. It's the detailed schedule toward the bottom of the page. You can't miss it! Make sure to come back, though, and read about the motivation behind my plans this year when you have time!)

I believe that we live in a world where THERE IS ENOUGH; a world where WE ARE ENOUGH.

That's not how most of us feel, though...

If you're anything like me you probably feel pulled in multiple directions with more expectations and responsibilities than you know what to do with – especially at this time of year.

You feel chased by the fear that you're never quite doing enough so you just keep doing and doing and doing.

Holiday marketing only makes this worse.

Creating a feeling of lack, urgency and FOMO is at the heart of most marketing efforts, but I can't play that game.

It's just not me.

Trust me...I've tried to go along with the typical approaches, but it never feels right.

In fact it feels downright icky. You deserve better than this. We deserve better than this.

Instead of adding to your overwhelm and fueling your compulsion to go, go, go, I want to provide an alternative.

I want to serve as a calming influence that encourages you feel into what is right for you. An influence who helps you connect with your own inner knowing no matter how loud the world outside gets.

To stay true to my goal of being a person who contributes in a helpful and life giving way to this world, I've decided to share some simple resources & suggestions with you from now through the holidays.

Yes, I'm having some sales, but more importantly, I want to know that I am adding something positive to your days even if you never spend a dime on my work.

These resources are meant to remind you that you are whole and complete exactly as you are as well as encourage and support you to simply BE PRESENT with yourself even if only for a few moments each day.

Over the next seven weeks I will focus on a different chakra energy center each week starting with the root and moving up to the crown.

I will provide you with some general info, mantras and meditation suggestions specific to the energy center of the week.

If you are planning on shopping with me this year, I'm having some sales starting 11/6 along with different freebies each week:

  • All orders over $100 (before sales tax and shipping) will receive a free pair of raw mineral stud earrings. Choose between clear quartz druzy and the chakra mineral of the week. (See schedule below.)
  • All orders, no matter the size, will receive a small mystery bundle of crystals while supplies last.
  • Different sales will be announced each week (See schedule below.)
  • I will also have Ready to Ship pieces dropping throughout the Holiday Season.


Holiday Schedule

 Date  Energy Center Free Earring Choice* Current Sale
11/6-11/12 Root Black Tourmaline or Garnet 25% off EVERYTHING
11/13-11/19 Sacral

Sunstone or Carnelian

11/20-11/26 Solar Plexus Citrine ?
11/27-12/3 Heart Emerald or Rose Quartz ?
12/4-12/10 Throat Amazonite or Apatite ?
12/11-12/17 Third Eye Blue Kyanite or Sapphire ?
12/18-12/24 Crown Amethyst or Selenite ?
*All orders over $100 (before sales tax and shipping) will receive a free pair of raw mineral stud earrings. Choose between clear quartz druzy and the chakra mineral of the week. Please leave a note at checkout or email me (include order #) at with your preference.