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Angel Aura Point (1.27-3)

Angel Aura Point (1.27-3)

$ 34.00

This polished angel aura standing point has gorgeous rainbows along the surface even in very low light. There are beautiful inclusions near the base that look like wisps of clouds. The point at the tip is beautiful and has no chips. There are a few slight imperfections along some of the edges of the crystal.

96 grams/Approx. 3" tall and 1.875" wide & 1" deep

Make sure to check out all the different mineral specimens and crystals I have available. They can be found in my shop here:

I use only genuine aura crystals that are made with vacuum deposition. They are NOT spray coated and will not fade or peel. 

Angel aura is made by combining clear quartz with platinum. It is a very peaceful and tranquil mineral believed to promote spiritual growth and expansion. It is also thought to provide peace and serenity during meditation helping to open gateways to the angelic realms.

You will receive the exact specimen shown in the pictures. Orders will ship within 1-2 business days, often sooner. I am taking a quick trip to Tucson, so if your order is placed after noon central time on 1/28, it will not ship until the following Monday, 2/4.

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